Cyber security founders

As part of the Stone & Chalk Group, Australia’s largest innovation community, AustCyber provides the support and guidance needed for cyber security startups and scaleups to grow confidently.

From ideation to R&D, commercialisation to export, whatever stage of the journey you’re at, we’re here to help.

Receive one-on-one support 

AustCyber offers one-on-one support for entrepreneurs as they work to make their idea into a reality. We work closely with cyber security companies as mentors and deliver expert advice.

cyber security founder support

Access the right people at the right time

We know how important it is as a founder and to connect with the right people at the right time to futureproof your success.

Through both AustCyber and Stone & Chalk’s vibrant communities of founders, mentors, investors, partners, and experts, we’ll introduce you to the right support network for your company, to help you grow.

Whether you’re searching for new customers, need help getting pitch ready, or simply need expert advice and guidance from a seasoned mentor, we can help facilitate these important introductions.

Learn and network in educational event series 

From networking sessions to panel discussions, our local and national event series are here to help you connect with other professionals, learn more about the state of cyber security and emerging tech in Australia, and upskill yourself.

Stay in the loop through our Friends of the Network email or visit our event page for more.