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AustCyber is dedicated to supporting Australian cyber security businesses, helping them find customers and talent, connecting them with a vibrant and globally competitive cyber sector, and providing them with opportunities for growth.

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Connecting companies to customers, audiences & investors

We’re here to help you grow, from helping you find your audience to connecting you with potential customers.

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Feeding the cyber security talent pipeline

We’re helping companies access a sustainable pipeline of skills and talent to meet the future demands of cyber security and emerging high-tech industries.

Australian Cyber Security Professionalisation (ACSP) program

AustCyber is leading an industry co-design team to create the Australian Cyber Security Professionalisation Program (ACSP) with key stakeholders, including universities, TAFEs, cyber security experts and industry associations.

ACSP is a critical step in professionalising the cyber security industry in Australia to global standards, with the intent of being world-leading.  The Program is designed to give current and future cyber security employees something tangible to aspire to in terms of professional recognition, as well as improving employers’ trust and confidence when hiring Australian cyber security professionals. 


AUCyberExplorer provides valuable data on workforce supply and demand, and the certifications and skills required for cyber security roles. This information enables the industry and the government to make evidence-based decisions to support employment and education in the sector.

Advocacy for cyber security companies with government

AustCyber works closely with both Federal and State governments to advocate for the cyber security industry. By having a seat at the table, we’re able to influence policies and decisions to benefit the health of our thriving industry.