AustCyber and CSIRO Futures: Cyber Security - A Roadmap to enable growth opportunities for Australia

In November 2018, AustCyber and CSIRO Futures published the 'Cyber Security - A Roadmap to enable growth opportunities for Australia' report. A summary is below:

As an enabler for industry, cyber security’s importance is being driven by the global business environment becoming increasingly interconnected and reliant on data and digital technologies. As a result, organisations need to think of cyber security not just in terms of compliance and risk mitigation, but as an essential business function that is fully embedded in processes and systems.

And as a source of economic growth itself, Australia’s burgeoning cyber security industry has a unique opportunity to deliver services and solutions in a globally-competitive, export-facing industry.

This Roadmap primarily focuses on the first aspect: the role cyber security (as a horizontal sector) can play in enabling growth opportunities in other sectors. In particular, the report concentrates on the priority Australian sectors aligned with Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centres initiative.

Submitted on Thu, 13/12/2018 - 15:07