AustCyber Submission: NSW 2020 Cyber Security Strategy Consultation

AustCyber welcomes the NSW Government’s consultations to update its Cyber Security Strategy and its investment of $240 million in cyber security. AustCyber believes:

  • Government procurement of sovereign cyber capability through industry-government partnerships is the best way to make our growing digital activity more resilient and embed digital trust;
  • Government procurement targets to drive behavioural change to ‘buy local’ should be introduced;
  • AustCyber’s procurement sandbox concept can assist industry to rapidly upskill in supplying to government, as the majority of the sector’s early stage companies are inexperienced in selling to government as a customer; and
  • Including cyber SMEs in the development of tenders and problem statements engages industry early and will help to shift engagement, creating opportunities for sovereign cyber capabilities.

AustCyber’s submission explains these views more fully.

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Submitted on Fri, 28/08/2020 - 16:49