AustCyber Submission: 2020 ICT/Digital Sovereign Procurement Taskforce Consultation - New South Wales Government

AustCyber welcomes the opportunity to provide the NSW Government with our perspective on ways to encourage sovereign procurement practices.

This includes:

  • The need for incentives for local procurement;
  • Recommendations on how to engage local companies early in the procurement cycle, including helping to write tender documents and problem statements (rather than solution requirements);
  • The development of a sovereign procurement innovation sandbox that brings together SMEs and the government to de-risk the maturity aspects of an emerging SME, including encouraging early stage collaboration;
  • The development of measurable procurement targets with projected targets over time; and
  • Recommendations to reduce the size of tenders to encourage SME engagement.

AustCyber will be represented on the Taskforce in coming months and has conveyed these views through our recent submission to the Taskforce consultations.

Submitted on Thu, 27/08/2020 - 08:39