AustCyber Submission: 2020 Cyber Security Strategy Consultation

This submission provides AustCyber’s response to the Department of Home Affairs’ discussion paper as part of the development of a 2020 Cyber Security Strategy. It groups the discussion paper’s questions into several themes:

  • The cyber scene: broaden and deepen the picture
  • Research and innovation: the engines of strategic benefit
  • Australian capability: world leading and growing
  • Regulatory evolution: opportunities for sustained success
  • Leadership and coordination: #gameon
  • AustCyber: our nation’s not so secret weapon.

This submission also represents the views of dozens of Australian cyber security companies and as well as Australian and global buyers of, and investors in, cyber security capability and stakeholders within the education sectors, non profits, Industry Growth Centres and the research community. Many have provided their own separate submissions in addition to the views and experiences shared with AustCyber, which have been reflected in this document.

Submitted on Wed, 27/11/2019 - 11:30