TAFECyber Initiative – A year in review

TAFECyber 1 year anniversary

It’s been 12 months almost to the day since Australia’s first national skills-based Certificate IV in Cyber Security (22334VIC) and Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security (22445VIC) level qualifications were launched under the ‘TAFECyber Initiative’ at Parliament House in Canberra. The qualifications were developed by Box Hill Institute in close collaboration with industry and have been rolled out to TAFECyber providers nationally with the support of AustCyber on behalf of the cyber security industry.

The initiative has become a serious force for building the cyber-skilled workforce needed by Australian employers, generating significant interest among Australian students and others looking for a career in cyber security. In many states and territories, prospective student numbers are greater than teaching capacity. As students complete their training, they require access to entry level employment opportunities to begin their career in cyber security.

Student demand to study the TAFECyber programs has been strong. Most providers have waitlists but have remained focused on keeping class sizes small to ensure that practical cyber security skills translate into positive graduate outcomes.

At this juncture, it’s also important to note the increasing support for the TAFECyber initiative from state and territory governments.

The Victorian government has listed the Certificate IV in Cyber Security on the ‘Free TAFE for Priority Courses’ list – greatly facilitating access to the cyber security training for Victorian students.

The New South Wales government subsidises the cost of the Certificate IV in Cyber Security for students and the ACT government has made Skilling Australia Funds available to further develop cyber security learning and teaching resources for Canberra based TAFECyber provider Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT).

Achieving a consistent skills-based curriculum in cyber security has made a significant contribution in addressing the cyber security skills shortage in the Australian economy. This was a key challenge identified in Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy released by the Federal Government in April 2016 and in our 2018 update to Australia’s Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan released in November 2018.

The TAFECyber Initiative also demonstrates to Australia’s international partners that our nation is truly focused on the benefits of a cyber resilient economy, backed by a highly capable workforce.

AustCyber was there at the beginning of this initiative and continues to be a loud and proud supporter of Australia’s TAFECyber providers.

Some of the ways AustCyber continues to support the TAFECyber initiative include:

  • National coordination at a strategic level through convening the TAFECyber Strategy Group.
  • Funding for world-class infrastructure as demonstrated by CIT’s Training Security Operations Centre.
  • Connecting cyber security employers that are seeking entry level cyber security practitioners in their workplaces to TAFECyber providers and graduates.
  • Expanding opportunities for TAFECyber providers and students to access new pathways into work and higher education.

Are you an employer looking to partner with a local TAFECyber provider?

To ensure the ongoing success of this Australian first initiative, AustCyber is seeking your support to assist a local TAFECyber provider with access to:

  • Professional development support for TAFE trainers to help advance student and trainer knowledge and skills.
  • Entry level work opportunities for TAFECyber students including the provision of traineeships, internships and apprenticeships to enhance learning and career outcomes.
  • Industry partnerships to continue the close collaborations between TAFE and industry to ensure ongoing training matches the needs of your organisation.

If your organisation would like to be involved in providing support to a local TAFECyber provider, please contact info@austcyber.com and we will connect you.

TAFECyber provider progress to date

Are you are looking to study a cyber security or a related program at an Australian university or TAFE?

Check out AustCyber’s Education Map to explore some of the programs on offer across the country - including programs at the Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence and through TAFECyber providers.