NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node Fast-Tracks Cyber Skills

NSW Cyber Security Innovation presenter

The NSWCSIN launches a talent accelerator to assist NSW business to meet critical cyber-skill shortages

In a bid to accelerate the development of a sustainable workforce of cyber security professionals for the state, the NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node (NSWCSIN) today launched a unique cyber security talent development initiative.

The Cyber Security Talent Accelerator leverages the success of the NSWCSIN’s existing workforce development program, which has successfully built cyber awareness and skills in 69 High Schools across NSW, opened pathways for students to VET with an MOU with TAFE NSW, and linked into higher education degrees at eight NSW universities.

Re-launching as an accelerator, the program now includes a cyber diagnostic that assists in identifying requisite skills and competencies for prospective, new and existing cyber security workers. This addition allows businesses to identify untapped cyber security talent within their organisation and find ways to upskill and reskill existing workers for cyber security roles.

“Today’s announcement builds on the success of our existing cyber workforce initiative and adds much-needed focus to a problem that NSW can leverage off,” said Todd Williams, Director, NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node (NSWCSIN). “Over the last year, our industry advisory committee – which includes representatives from global multi-nationals to NSW SMEs – has told us repeatedly that the acute skills shortage in NSW and Australia is their biggest impediment to growth. This talent accelerator, the first of its kind in Australia, is a direct response to that concern.”

Today’s launch marks phase one of the Talent Accelerator. Phase two will widen and deepen the existing NSW cyber talent pool by offering a diverse suite of cyber micro-credentials and short courses from a variety of providers, including local Australian companies. These industry-relevant products and services are designed to complement VET and other higher education qualifications. The Accelerator is inclusive and open to all businesses, education and government organisations across NSW.

The Accelerator enables business and government to access new cyber talent as well as the opportunity to re-skill existing workforces with industry-recognised skills. These cyber skills are essential for ‘new collar’ jobs, which are in short supply and critical to meeting the existing and future demands of the digital economy.

“The Accelerator has a strong relationship with TAFE NSW and the wider VET sector, which will help it achieve its mission to retrain existing cyber workers, improve workforce mobility and enable workers in other occupations to transition into cyber careers. It is a great platform to take advantage of the huge economic growth opportunity in cyber security within NSW, in Australia and internationally,” said Dr. Geethani Nair, Head of SkillsPoint, Technology & Business Services, TAFE NSW.

The Accelerator will make it easier to:
• Access cyber talent
• Retrain existing workforces and improve workforce mobility
• Improve pathways into cyber security careers
• Raise cyber capability within the existing workforce
• Leverage and use the NSW Cyber Ambassador program
• Reduce the cost of recruiting and onboarding of cyber security professionals
• Improve the diversity and vitality of NSW cyber security workforces by taking a future-focused approach to staffing
• Take advantage of the huge economic growth opportunity in cyber security within NSW, in Australia and internationally

“The NSW cyber security industry is well placed to harness opportunities for growth by offering a strong ecosystem of related capabilities. The NSWCSIN’s Talent Accelerator will help to take advantage of the state’s existing capabilities and develop the local cyber security industry into a globally competitive, innovative ecosystem that drives economic growth across the state,” said NSW Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres.