AustCyber launches new interactive dashboards

AustCyber launches new interactive dashboards

AustCyber is working to position Australia as the leading centre for cyber education. Today we are proud to launch a new suite of tools that will make it easier to identify career pathways and education opportunities in the sector.

Our three new interactive dashboards are perfect for anyone interested in cyber security skills and education, competitions (challenges) or workforce information. The dashboards are designed to deepen knowledge of both the cyber security industry and the available learning opportunities at Australian TAFEs and universities.

Each dashboard is accompanied by a video that shows you exactly how to get the most from these helpful tools.

Video 1: Using the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Workforce Framework Dashboard.


Interested in a career in the cyber security industry? This dashboard allows you to explore the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Workforce Framework. The Framework is designed to provide a common way of describing the cyber security workforce needs. Governments, industry and academia will all benefit from understanding the NICE framework and how it applies to their own workforce requirements and education offerings.

Follow the three-step process to explore the different cyber security roles as well as the knowledge, skills, abilities and tasks associated with each.

Video 2: Using the AustCyber Education Map.


Want to know more about formal education options for cyber security or related programs? The AustCyber Education Map will help you to explore the courses available at Australian universities and TAFEs across the country. Filter by different regions and course types to find the right program for you, including courses from the Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence and TAFECyber providers.

Video 3: Using the AustCyber Challenges Dashboard.


Interested in exploring past and upcoming cyber security competitions around the world? Use this dashboard to explore opportunities to demonstrate and practice your skills. Cyber security challenges are a great way to practice and demonstrate the practical skills that Australian employers are looking for. From real-world scenarios to capture the flag competitions, there’s a challenge for cyber security enthusiasts of any level.

We hope you enjoy using the dashboards. If you’d like to know more about AustCyber’s goals for cyber security education in Australia, visit the educate section of our website.