A message from AustCyber's CEO Michelle Price - January 2022


Well, welcome to 2022! Last year was a huge year for Australia’s cyber security industry, but I think 2022 is going to be even bigger.

At AustCyber, we’ve just hit our five year anniversary… Casting our minds back to early 2017, what a different world we lived in and what a different state of play our industry was experiencing. No matter your sense of optimism or otherwise, we have come a long, long way. But acknowledgements aside, the next twelve months is going to be critical on a range of levels. 

There’s not much point adding to the exasperated analyses of how 2022 has started from a pandemic perspective and the knock-on effect for community, health, business, travel and the economic outlook more broadly (which is not all bad). If you’ve avoided getting into any of the many predictions, I encourage you to do so. The January episodes* of Momentum Media’s Cyber Connect podcast and the ANU’s National Security Podcast are two to look at.

What I will say though, is the reality of 2022 delivers significant opportunity. As many of us know all too well, never let a good campaign go to waste… At this moment, I’m referring to ones of the political kind. ICYMI, we have not one but three major elections in Australia this year. Major for a number of reasons. All opportunities to shape cyber security, as well as industry growth policy, and they should not be missed.

And the world will open up again this year. There’s no two ways about that. Planning is in full swing on RSA Conference San Francisco and Black Hat / DEFCON; globally. Australia cannot miss out. Watch this space for more information on how you can get involved, virtually or in-person. 

I’m pleased to announce that further enhancements and features will be added to AUCyberExplorer in the coming weeks and months, and we’ve also got some exciting news about AUCyberscape which we’ll be sharing with you soon.

I was delighted to be joined by Dr Bobby Cerini from Questacon and Evan Williams from Microsoft for the eighteenth episode of OzCyber Unlocked. We centered the discussion around the educational programs that are running to help fill the roles needed in the cyber security sector in the coming years. Don’t forget to check out the show notes for some handy links and learn more about how you can get involved. 

At AustCyber, we’re big believers in amplifying the voices of our great sector. If you’ve got an event coming up or a special announcement, we’d love to help you get the message out. You can now request a social media shout-out from us. Just fill in the form, and we’ll handle the rest.

So much more to come. So much. In the meantime, stay safe, try to stay sane and I’m all ears for what you want to see happen in cyber security this year #gameon


*While on podcasts, I seriously recommend the 25 January episode of Darknet Diaries. For those long in the industry, what a blast from the past! For those new to the industry or not in the cyber industry at all, this is such a good insight into, well, lots of things