A message from AustCyber's CEO Michelle Price

Michelle Price

At AustCyber, we’ve named June the hybrid month – while the economy starts to ramp up again, workplaces and organisations start to reflect on the impact of COVID-19 with the end of the Australian financial year. I hope you can take a moment to reflect as I have. It has been as significant, as it has been challenging.

As the current-normal pervades, there continues to be opportunity for our industry. There have been big announcements on investment – congrats again to Kasada and others – and many more to come over the next month. There have also been more contracts won by Australian companies than perhaps any other month since AustCyber began in January 2017.

Across AustCyber’s direct activities, we:

We will very shortly release a new report providing specific data on the value of the cyber security industry to Australia’s economy in terms of jobs and revenue. This is timely and highly consumable information that, like Australia’s Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan when it was first released, will shift the way people talk about and understand the impact of our industry. It isn’t far away – stay tuned.

As I look to July and the start of the next financial year, this is going to be an incredible next 12 months for the sector. The economy is moving into recovery mode – with cyber security and privacy taking a front seat in the digital transformation agenda – plus, we will see a new national Cyber Security Strategy for the country. The size, depth and maturity of our industry now means we can, and are, having an impact like never before. With this as a once in a generation backdrop, I can’t wait to reveal what’s coming next at AustCyber - #gameon.