A message from AustCyber’s CEO Michelle Price

Michelle Price

I sincerely hope that no matter where you are in the world when you read this, you and your loved ones are well. Here at AustCyber, with our team across the country and in Washington DC, we are well – and focused.

A couple things have resulted so far from being focused on targeted support to Australia’s cyber security industry. We have and are:

  • Providing regularly updated information and links to keep you informed about the economic stimulus support available for Australian cyber security companies.
  • Surveying sets of companies on the iterative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to inform the Australian Government’s development of further targeted stimulus and approaches for the recovery phase.
  • Facilitated an Australian cyber security company into the development of the COVIDSafe app to undertake independent penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. More on this soon.
  • Delivering an advisory series for cyber security companies on Australian governments’ economic stimulus packages in partnership with Deloitte. This has seen two webinars take place so far, with focused sessions on business and investment strategies for selected companies to come.
  • Partnered with Cicada Innovations and Cynch Security for a webinar on managing the cyber risks of remote work. As Adam Selwood said during the recording, it only takes five minutes per day to check your cyber fitness #truestory.
  • Supported the Australian Computer Society’s Flatten the Curve Hack.

For the rest of the Australian business community, we released two factsheets to help support companies of different sizes navigate cyber security with remote working (and learning):

I am proud the second factsheet has now been shared with almost 1.8 million businesses across the economy through our partnerships with industry associations and peak bodies, startup hubs, state and territory governments and local councils.

We have more to come to support our sector to survive the pandemic and thrive in recovery – and support improved cyber resilience across other sectors of the economy.

I also wanted to share that in addition to a planned complete review of the underlying assumptions to our economic modelling of the sector, this year’s Update to the Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan will, necessarily, look at the impact of the global pandemic on our sector’s projected growth and export opportunities. I'm already expecting it to be ‘lumpy’ in showing increased demand for some capability types and revised growth prospects in the short to medium term for others.

To conclude for this month, we are hiring. With Linda Cavanagh moving from ACT Node Manager into managing the National Network, we’re on the lookout for a new Node Manager for the ACT as part of our partnership in Canberra with the ACT government. If you know someone who may be suitable, encourage them to apply. We're also on the hunt for Project Officers, a Strategy and Reporting Lead, and a Government Relations and Advocacy Lead. If you or someone you know may be interested, reach out to our COO, Tony Stubbs ([email protected]), for more information.

As I said in a LinkedIn post a couple of weeks ago, there’s just no two ways about this. The pandemic is tough and there is a lot to it – we are only at the start of comprehending. But our industry is demonstrating our resilience and determination to help the Australian economy and community as we did during the bushfire crisis and every other national emergency before now.

We’ve got this.