Helping small businesses continue operations

Helping small businesses continue operations

Small businesses face pressure from all directions. With budgets, time and access to expertise constrained, they are constantly on the lookout for technology solutions that can make their lives easier.

Melbourne based company Cynch Security is on a mission to help small business leaders prevent a cyber security incident from becoming one of the worst days of their career.

The team has spent the past nine months helping small businesses across Australia adjust to the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the shift to working from home for long periods of time, keeping a business secure is a complex undertaking and beyond the reach of those outside the cyber security industry. Attacks continue to evolve and threaten businesses that depend on technology. Advice from experts is often inconsistent and quite generalised, creating confusion and at times, apathy amongst frustrated small businesses.

All of this has resulted in a growing number of businesses concerned about cyber risk, looking for how to best manage it amongst their teams. The responsibility for managing the risk day-today often falls to senior leaders with technology operations responsibility. This may be a younger business partner, office manager or the owner themselves if the team is small enough.

Providing micro and small businesses with advice on how to implement risk interventions as businesses transitioned to remote working has been Cynch Security’s focus during the pandemic.

“COVID-19 disproportionately affected small businesses, and with increased cyber threats heading their way, we wanted to make sure we did everything in our power to support them when they needed it most,” said Co-Founder and CEO Susie Jones.

“We created an entirely new online program for business owners with remote teams to help them manage the new risks they were facing. The program was complemented by a series of blog posts, webinars and supporting resources hosted on our website.

While health risks may have peaked and businesses are now starting to take stock and look towards the future once again, cyber risks remain and continue to evolve. As small businesses navigate these changes, Cynch Security will continue to offer support.

This case study is featured in Australia’s Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan 2020, which can be viewed here and downloaded here.