Cybermerc: AUSHIELD


Key outcomes

Build a national threat investigation and sharing platform to enable a community‐led, collective defence of Australian networks

Economic impact

  • Facilitated collaboration between government, industry and research institutions to share intelligence and improve network defences

  • Delivered improvements to network defences for use by SMEs across the Australian Digital Economy

Government funding


Industry funding



The AustCyber Projects Fund is a $15 million, three-year initiative designed to help the Australian cyber security industry grow and take ideas global. Since launching in 2018, AustCyber has provided this funding to projects that are making a real contribution to growing Australia’s cyber security ecosystem, guided by the Sector Competitiveness Plan.

One of the participants in AustCyber’s Projects Fund was Cybermerc, who used their involvement in the Projects Fund Program to build a national threat investigation and sharing platform to enable a community‐led, collective defence of Australian networks. 

Agencies, industry, research providers and SMEs are all targeted by cybercrime. Despite the shared nature of the problem, these groups are defending themselves in isolation from each other.

The government has the intelligence that can protect SMEs but cannot get that intelligence into SMEs’ firewalls. SMEs are the backbone of the Australian economy, yet they can’t afford expensive cyber security solutions, nor can they maintain internal security teams. Large industries and governments rely on SMEs in their supply chains, and research institutes are being targeted for their R&D. Cyber security is a shared problem requiring a shared solution.

About Cybermerc

Cybermerc was founded in 2016 by two brothers with backgrounds in law enforcement and federal government work. Cybermerc specialises in Cyber Threat Intelligence products, services and training. The company’s mission is to build a community‐led, collective network defence across Australia and its partners through the AUSHIELD suite of products.

Cybermerc’s AUSHIELD is a national threat investigation and sharing platform that enables a community‐led, collective defence against cyber attacks. For agencies and large industries, it is a secure portal on which to share intelligence, produce reporting and update network defences through trusted partnerships. For SMEs, AUSHIELD offers a high level of security enjoyed by agencies and industry, through an affordable Managed Security Service, for a fraction of the cost. AUSHIELD affects a whole‐of‐nation collective network defence.

AUSHIELD is a national solution that brings government, industry, research institutes and SMEs together in collective defence. During significant global unrest, it provides a sovereign threat intelligence and network security capability, underpinned by the largest collection of Australian-specific Cyber Threat intelligence. 

Learn more about Cybermerc at their website.


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