Closing the cyber security talent gap with AUCyberExplorer

Closing the cyber security talent gap with AUCyberExplorer

AustCyber, Australia’s Cyber Security Growth Network, has today announced the relaunch of AUCyberExplorer, an interactive tool that tracks the state of the Australian cyber security job market by providing detailed, actionable data about job supply and demand.

AUCyberExplorer helps to bridge the gap between people looking for work, and companies searching for employees. Built in collaboration with Emsi Burning Glass, CompTIA, Accenture and CyberCX, AUCyberExplorer is the rebranded CyberSeek AU platform, which was originally developed through AustCyber’s Projects Fund and launched in March 2021. It leverages the deep expertise and success of the US-based sister platform

The career pathways tool on AUCyberExplorer shows users what jobs are available from entry-level positions through to technically advanced and management. It has been established to provide potential employees the information they need to enter the workforce, then upskill into other areas of the cyber sector.

The platform also assists employers to visually show their teams what is required to advance their career and the steps needed to get there, no matter which sector their cyber role exists in.

AustCyber’s CEO Michelle Price believes the dedicated career pathways platform will help employers and employees navigate the growing market, plan for growth, and enable potential employees to find the jobs they’re suited for.

“With cyber security front of mind for more organisations than ever before, AUCyberExplorer will ensure that our sector, as well as those accessing cyber expertise, has access to the best people - and potential employees will have the knowledge and tools to fill those jobs,” she said.

“Growing the talent supply in cyber security is crucial not only for the cyber sector, but also for Australia’s economy. AUCyberExplorer provides clear pathways to build our future workforce for a cyber resilient Australia.”

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