AustCyber launches new podcast, unpacking Australia’s Digital Trust Report 2020

OzCyber Unlocked Podcast

AustCyber has launched its podcast series 'OzCyber Unlocked', which aims to help Australian businesses across the economy deepen their understanding of the thriving cyber security sector.

 CEO of AustCyber and the host of OzCyber Unlocked Michelle Price said, "We're excited to launch our new podcast series to spotlight local companies and discuss topical issues. AustCyber is a critical point of coordination for industry creation and sustainment, forming a key part of the nation's approach to better managing cyber risk and supporting the economy to become cyber resilient. Our podcast series will showcase and elevate sovereign capability and demonstrate how globally competitive it is." 

Ms Price is joined in the first episode by John Paitaridis, CEO of CyberCX, and Matthew Wilson, CEO of Penten to discuss Australia's Digital Trust Report 2020 and the role' digital trust' plays in attracting investment and driving jobs growth in all sectors of the economy. 

Australia's Digital Trust Report 2020 draws on data modelled by Synergy's Advanced Modelling Group to quantify the value of digital activity to the Australian economy and the impact of a significant cyber security incident creating a digital interruption to the Australian economy. 

A four-week digital disruption resulting from a significant cyber incident could cost the economy AU$30 billion, the equivalent of around 1.5 per cent of GDP and an estimated direct loss of 163,000 jobs. This starts to significantly increase when loss of trust in digital infrastructure and data integrity is considered. 

Ms Price said, "Australia's digital infrastructure and the data it carries are core to the value and growth of the nation's economy. The growing economic dependency on the digital domain has an intrinsic relationship with the trust users, and consumers have in it and therefore the security, privacy and resilience of the infrastructure and data." 

Mr Paitaridis said, "We need to build a culture and reputation for high digital trust in Australia. That's our place in the global economy and it will attract sustaining investment." 

Mr Wilson believes that Australia has always been a trusted economy. "Our industries have always been highly trusted, and this trust moves from the physical world into the digital world. Our ability to stay in lockstep with our cyber security posture and our cyber security services becomes critical to Australia's place in the region and in the global economy." 

Each episode of OzCyber Unlocked features a short interview with an Australian cyber company to highlight their journey from ideation to export. AustCyber's first episode features Sam Crowther, Founder of Kasada.

Founded in 2015, Kasada provides web security services, specifically protecting sites from bots attempting user account takeovers, fraud, data scraping and other disruptive attacks. Since 2018 Kasada has raised $23.5M from Australian and US VCs, taking its web traffic integrity platform global. 

Download ‘OzCyber Unlocked’ to listen to the full conversation.