Aussie cyber security innovator Datasec goes global with off device encryption

Image of Datasec directors

End-to-end off device encryption service Cryptix is now available as aHP Workpath application.

Datasec Solutions, a Melbourne-based cyber security business, has today announced that its Cryptix solution has pas sed HP’s validation and verification process and will be one of the first HP Workpath applications to help customers securely transfer data through HP printers and multi-function devices.

Printers and MFPs are a central part of the day-to-day operations of hospitals, schools and virtually every office around the world. Typically, these devices process and store the document data on-device in order to perform their function (for example, printing accounts data or important emails). Printers and MFPs are yet another end point device that attackers look to utilise as a foothold to gain the data they need to then access other systems or begin defrauding the organisation.

Cryptix is a cloud-based trust platform, which solves the problem of sharing data between trusted and untrusted parties. The “Cryptix Scan for HP” solution works by utilising strong encryption and proprietary protocols that encrypt a document and remove the need to send the document data to the HP printing device, making it virtually impossible for attackers to intercept and read documents. With limited software to install or deploy, the solution can provide uncrackable encryption to HP devices for USD$1 per day, per device.

Paul Waite, Solutions Director, Datasec said, ‘With Cryptix, we’ve created something special in Australia that can quickly scale into a global business solution. By working closely with HP, we aim to have 100,000 devices utilising Cryptix by the end of 2022, making the day-to-day operations of thousands of enterprises more secure.

The problem of secure transfer of data between trusted and untrusted parties is decades old.

Printers are favourite targets for malicious parties looking to gain access to the network or to intercept vital information. This is because these devices store and process a lot of information in order to print or scan documents - if an attacker gets a view of financial, HR or other sensitive documents, this can open the door for fraud and theft.”

Cryptix solves this problem without requiring IT administrators to navigate and install dozens of copies of software onto already busy devices. Cryptix utilises “one-time pad” encryption technology, a digitised version of the same encryption technique used by spies and undercover agents for decades and the only universally accepted form of uncrackable encryption for secure messaging. Importantly, Cryptix separates the control keys at the data level, which means that Cryptix doesn’t provide a data “honeypot” for hackers like other traditional file sharing services.

“IoT devices such as printers have become key targets for malicious cyber security attacks,” said Paul Birkett, Director of Workflow Solutions, HP Inc. “Datasec’s Cryptix solution enables HP partners and customers to upgrade their defenses and transfer data more securely directly from their HP printer.”

The relationship with HP marks a major win for Australian cyber security innovation and was achieved in conjunction with the support of The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) and AustCyber.

Prerana Mehta, Chief of Ecosystem Development at AustCyber said, “Datasec is a great example of world-leading Australian cyber security technology. We are extremely proud to champion Australian innovation, and to see major multinational OEMs such as HP recognise the important role we play in making our digital operations more secure.”

About Datasec

Datasec Solutions Pty Ltd is an IT security company based in Melbourne, Australia. Datasec develops, implements and supports cyber security and information management end-point solutions (Cryptix) with a view to solving critical security and compliance issues when organisations transmit private or business sensitive information.