'AUCyberscape’ – Australia's first national cyber security digital ecosystem


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia has experienced massive acceleration in digitisation and a commensurate increase in cyber-attacks by cyber criminals and state actors. 

AUCyberscape is Australia’s first consolidated online destination for understanding Australia’s cyber security capabilities. It provides interactive visibility of Australian cyber security products and services available on the economy and will highlight trends, issues and opportunities in the industry. Further, it collects data that demonstrates the breadth of capability and growth of the sector, together with its ability to be globally competitive as it scales.

The platform, which is free to users and providers, allows Australian cyber security companies to showcase their products, services, business solutions and sector experience; connect with customers; and access information to support their company development and growth.

Businesses, government, investors and individuals can understand more about cyber security and their cyber security needs; search for and directly connect with Australian cyber security companies; and learn about cyber security career pathways and education opportunities.

Built with 100% Australian technology and protected with 100% Australian cyber security, AustCyber has developed the platform in partnership with Insurance Australia Group (IAG), the governments of the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia, and several Australian cyber security companies.

“Over the next decade, the Australian cyber security sector will become larger, more diverse, and sophisticated,” said Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber. “In 2020 alone, Australians spent approximately A$5.6 billion on cyber security from both local and international providers, a figure that is expected to increase to at least A$7.6 billion by 2024. 

"Cyber security has become necessary to navigate the digital world safely. Understanding and choosing the right cyber security products and services to protect yourself, your family or your business can be challenging. AUCyberscape will assist users to understand their cyber security needs and, over time, connect with over 350 providers that deliver cyber security solutions." 

General Partner (Firemark Ventures) at Insurance Australia Group, Scott Gunther said, “We partnered with AustCyber to build AUCyberscape because it will assist the nation to become more cyber resilient. Insurance has always been about protecting people and assets and AUCyberscape is a key preventative measure.”

AUCyberscape is launching today with 84 curated businesses on the platform. Over the coming months, this will grow to cover the entire landscape of Australian cyber security providers. For those not already in the pipeline of companies jumping into the digital ecosystem, contact AustCyber today to become part of the platform.