National node network for Australia

The National Network of Cyber Security Innovation Nodes (Nodes) are physical venues that bring together players in Australia's growing technology and cyber security ventures, aligning them with national security requirements for cyber security and cyber resilience. 

The role of AustCyber’s Innovation Node Network is critical to maximising the economic value of the Australian cyber security sector, ensuring it is globally competitive, sustainable, and innovative. AustCyber’s Innovation Node Network will have a strategy on: 

  • Promoting collaboration and innovation in the cyber security industry
  • Assisting cyber security startups and scaleups to access market opportunities in Australia and internationally
  • Directing research to cyber security industry needs
  • Supporting cyber security skills growth and capability development 
  • Advocating fit-for-purpose regulations.

The Nodes' focus areas


  • Anchor a national, coordinated approach to cyber security and emerging technology industry growth
  • Connect government (federal & state), industry, and academic stakeholders to bolster the national cyber security innovation community
  • Convene networking events, forums, workshops, challenges, hackathons/cyber battles, and pitch events to support a growing ecosystem and its connection to other sectors in the Australian and global economies
  • Establish foundations for a select cyber security clusters (NSW, VIC, QLD and SA) that consolidate, integrate and scale initiatives that service the domestic and global economies
  • Embed an inclusive stakeholder culture and outreach to non-metropolitan regions.


  • Undertake cyber security and emerging technology innovation projects with commercial partners
  • Develop activities that focus on the coming together of policy/thought leadership, research and innovation, alongside education
  • Act as a hub for cyber innovation and collaboration to enable other sectors and parts of the industry to build digital trust.


  • Help measure trends in cyber security and emerging technology industry awareness, activities, engagement, investment, and growth
  • Facilitate access to expert guidance, a community of like minded founders, and a network of mentors, investors, customers, and more through Stone & Chalk Group; formal and informal corporate and government in-house programs
  • Co-invest in flagship local activities to develop and retain the best in class sovereign capability while attracting desirable foreign investment and sponsorship
  • Lead international cyber delegations, provide guidance to Australian Cybers on expansion to global markets and promote export
  • Act as entry points and landing platform for international stakeholders.


  • Bring together Governments, Industry Growth Centres to work closely with academic institutions in defining the future of Cyber Security education
  • Foster an ecosystem that invests in Research and Development bringing together research/academic institutions and centres; think tanks; and corporate and government in-house research
  • Co-locate consolidated, scalable government, industry and academic cyber and emerging technology programs and initiatives.