Promote & Export

We promote Australian cyber security locally and overseas, to boost endorsement and facilitate export.

We facilitate Australian cyber security businesses that are looking to expand internationally, helping them build closer relationships with markets like the US, UK, India, Singapore and Indonesia. With more governments and businesses around the globe wanting to work with Australian cyber companies, we enable critical connections and networks around the world.

Helping companies scale internationally

Many Australian cyber security firms lack scalability in their business models, hindering their efforts to export and inhibiting the sector’s growth. At AustCyber, we want to solve this.

We provide Australian cyber security companies with guidance on how to scale internationally effectively. We analyse markets, map possible target markets and highlight the barriers preventing them from exporting. We aim to reduce these barriers through education, policy advocacy and negotiations with international partners.

australian company competitive

Reinforcing Australia’s competitive advantage

For years, Australian businesses have successfully exported themselves and their know-how to the world. Our next challenge is for Australian cyber security to be world-leading.

Our cyber security sector enjoys a strong reputation internationally. Australia is:

  • the world’s seventh most committed cyber security country
  • second highest level of cyber maturity in the Indo-Pacific
  • second in the world for policies that support cyber security and allow government data to be openly available to the public.

But we must not rest on our laurels. There is a lot more work still to be done. The industry offers a diverse range of capabilities across all states and territories, and AustCyber is actively developing a digital ecosystem of Australian cyber products and services to help advance Australia’s position on the global stage.

Showcasing Australian solutions

We collaborate with a number of partners to promote our cyber workforce and bring our cutting-edge solutions to the world.

Through trade delegations, in partnership with organisations such as Austrade, we create opportunities for Australian cyber security companies to find and explore new markets.

We lead delegates from Australia to international conferences, such as the RSA conference in San Francisco. Partnering with Austrade, we enabled Australian cyber security businesses to build closer relations with the US market, creating opportunities to work closer with our international allies. 

We also support the Australian Landing Pads program, through which market-ready Australian cyber startups will gain access to resources that will help them expand into new markets.

If you’re an Australian cyber security company looking to expand internationally, contact us to find out how we can help.