Grow & Connect

We grow a vibrant and connected Australian cyber security ecosystem in Australia. 

AustCyber’s flagship industry report, the Sector Competitiveness Plan, highlighted that Australia is well-placed to be one of the most promising growth markets for the cyber security industry. We’re contributing to this rapid expansion in a number of ways.

cyber security startups at desk

Supporting Australian cyber security companies

We help Australian cyber security businesses in many ways. 

We provide Australian cyber security companies with guidance on how to scale, how to export, and how to build close relationships with international allies. We help remove barriers to entry to international markets through education, policy advocacy and negotiations with international partners.

We help cyber security businesses find audiences and connect with potential customers.  Giving them the opportunity to connect with the innovation ecosystem, including emerging tech founders, experts, investors, mentors, and other corporations.

We also help companies access a sustainable pipeline of cyber security skills and talent, and are aiming to give cyber security employers more trust and confidence when hiring Australian cyber security professionals, through the ASCP Program.  

Using our extensive national network, we help cyber security companies of any size connect with potential customers through organising pitching events, simplifying procurement processes, and exhibiting and promoting Australian cyber security companies locally and internationally. 

Supporting Australian cyber security startups and scaleups

As a part of the Stone & Chalk Group, Australia’s largest innovation community, AustCyber helps cyber security startups and scaleups:

  • Find their first customers by introducing them to our extensive networks
  • Remove barriers that prevent government agencies and big businesses from purchasing products and services from startups and scaleups
  • Support quality incubators, accelerators, and test beds for technical validation
  • Work one-on-one with entrepreneurs on their individual business growth strategies, from ideation and R&D through to commercialisation and export.

cyber security founders around table

Helping founders be cyber secure 

It’s critical for every founder to understand how cyber attacks could impact them and what they need to do to ensure they are cyber secure.

An early-stage startup will spend time building new features in its search for product/market fit, however their deep focus on earnings and market success can make it difficult to understand the criticality of investing in areas such as preventative security.

AustCyber, as part of the Stone & Chalk Group, facilitates workshops designed for founders in mind. Teaching them how to make and keep their business cyber secure. With our extensive network, we are well placed to find cyber security experts that can help founders adopt best-practice cyber security solutions. 

Working with government to grow industry 

To create a thriving and connected cyber security ecosystem in Australia, we work with state and federal government, aiming to influence and support government policy implementation, and importantly acting as a voice for cyber companies within government. Including encouraging diversity within the Australian cyber security industry.

We are constantly pitching for government grants to secure the growth of the sector. Which means we are well placed to direct funding and high impact support to areas that have a clear growth outcome focus.

The AustCyber Projects Fund is a $15 million, three-year initiative designed to help the Australian cyber security businesses grow and take their ideas global. Since launching in 2018, we have provided funding to 22 projects that are making a real contribution to growing Australia’s cyber security ecosystem.