What is GovPitch?

A GovPitch event is an opportunity for six small to medium Australian cyber security companies to pitch directly to decision makers in Australian government, both at the federal and state/territory levels.

Each company delivers a short pitch to an audience comprised of government agency heads, CISOs and CIOs. GovPitch events not only expose growing cyber security companies to government contracts, but they’re an opportunity to educate government about Australian solutions they might not know about.

Each of the six companies deliver their pitches, then have a Q&A with the audience. At the end of the pitches, there is a ‘trade show’ component, where companies have stalls, promotional material and demonstrations available for the audience to view. This is also a chance for companies and potential clients to discuss offerings, exchange contact details and organise follow up meetings.

How to apply

When the next GovPitch round opens, an online Expressions of Interest (EOIs) form will be made available on this page.

If you’re interested in applying, we recommend you sign up to our ‘Friend of the Network’ Newsletter which will keep you informed of all planned activities. 


Applying companies must have an ABN/ACN, be based in Australia and be a small-to-medium business (as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as businesses with 199 or less people employed).

GovPitch EOI process

When a GovPitch event is confirmed, AustCyber will open the EOI process for a limited time, then draw a shortlist of companies from this database. 

Companies need only submit an EOI once. It will not be removed from the database after a GovPitch event is held. If you wish to update your submission, please email us at [email protected].

As GovPitch events are organised, EOIs will be evaluated by AustCyber in consultation with the host government. Specialist expertise may be sought, if required. AustCyber may discuss EOIs with applicants for clarification.

AustCyber and the host government will select GovPitch EOI submissions for a given GovPitch event based on the following criteria:

  • The host government’s self-identified cyber security needs.
  • Whether the company has participated in a previous GovPitch.
  • An assessment of whether the company is ready to absorb a large government contract.
  • Whether the company’s product(s) or service(s) are unique.
  • If the company’s offerings complement the other companies in a particular GovPitch event:
    • GovPitch events are designed such that the six pitching companies have sufficiently different offerings that a host government could, in theory, procure all of them.
  • The company’s reputation within the Australian cyber security ecosystem, particularly concerning its focus on improving Australia’s cyber security sector.

Submission of an EOI does not imply that the submitting company will secure a placement at a GovPitch event.

Terms and conditions

In submitting an expression of interest, applicants agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Mandatory attendance in pitch training sessions delivered jointly by AustCyber, the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme, and an external contractor. These training sessions will provide guidance on structure and delivery of your pitch. Even if you are an experienced pitcher, these training sessions are also designed to build a sense of teamwork and partnership among the six pitching companies.
  • (For participation in Federal GovPitch only) Mandatory sign up to the Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) Digital Marketplace
  • Upon AustCyber’s request, provide a video of your draft pitch. As long as the pitch is intelligible, production quality is irrelevant. Smartphone video is sufficient. For simplicity, videos should be uploaded to a private YouTube channel for AustCyber and potentially members of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to view.
  • Following the GovPitch event, participating companies must provide feedback to AustCyber on any business outcomes from GovPitch at 2 weeks and 10 weeks after the event.