Supporting startups and scale-ups

Cyber security start-ups are where it all begins. New start-ups invigorate Australia's cyber security industry and make it more competitive.

For many start-ups, finding a first customer is difficult. AustCyber offers start-ups and scale-ups business coaching and opportunities to showcase their products and services to potential customers and investors.

Also, AustCyber is actively working to remove the barriers that prevent government agencies and big businesses from purchasing products and services from start-ups. A big part of this is education, aiming to change Australia's 'zero risk' business culture to one of engaging with 'smart risk'.

AustCyber supports start-ups and scale-ups through:

  • Building an innovation infrastructure that supports entrepreneurs from ideation and R&D through to commercialisation and export.
  • Supporting quality incubators, accelerators and test beds for technical validation.
  • Co-ordinating activities across States and Territories to ensure scale, reduce duplication and maintain national focus.
  • Working one-on-one with entrepreneurs on their individual business growth strategies.


CyRise is Australia's only cyber-specific accelerator. AustCyber's CEO is one of the mentors.

Entrepreneurs' Programme

The Entrepreneurs' Programme is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity. It forms part of the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda. AustCyber works closely with the Entrepreneurs' Programme to deliver cyber security specific advice.

National innovation infrastructure

AustCyber aims to partner on all parts of the infrastructure:

  • Idea: All existing startup hubs and incubators nationally; AustCyber’s national network of cyber security innovation nodes; Industry Growth Centres; academic institutions etc
  • R&D: The Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre; other partner CRCs and CRC‑Ps; academic institutions and centres; think tanks; corporate and government in-house research
  • Incubation: Deep technology oriented incubators nationally; formal and informal corporate and government in-house programs
  • Acceleration: CyRise; deep technology oriented accelerators nationally