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AustCyber’s National Network of Cyber Security Innovation Nodes

Designed to foster and accelerate cyber capability development and innovation across Australia

  • Collaborate with government, industry and academia to create a sharper focus towards innovation and growth.
  • Create opportunities to increase the supply of talent, enhance capacity of the existing workforce and strengthen educational pathways.
  • Develop a strong and confident ecosystem that supports creating mature, market‑ready and competitive local businesses.

The Nodes support AustCyber’s goal by giving state and territory governments the remit and tools they need to collaborate and innovate in their own jurisdictions, working within AustCyber’s framework for national alignment.

Each Node commits to the national priorities, as defined by AustCyber’s business strategy and Australia’s Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan.

The Nodes are co-funded with AustCyber by a state or territory and principally focused on local capability development and challenges.

Priority capability strengths for each Node

Digital health, skills and education across all Nodes

  • Western Australia Innovation Node
    • Mining
    • Oil and gas services
    • Agritech
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  • South Australia Innovation Node
    • Defence industry and the supply chain
    • Autonomous systems
    • Space industry
    • Digital health
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  • Tasminia Innovation Node
    • Smart cities
    • Internet of Things
    • Marine technology
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  • Canberra Innovation Node
    • Tertiary and research sector (knowledge economy)
    • Defence industry
    • Renewable energy
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  • New South Wales Innovation Node
    • Industry 4.0
    • Digitisation
    • Cyber workforce development
    • Financial services
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