CyberCamp Program

CyberCamp Program

The CyberCamp program is intended to continue to inspire students to pursue STEM related activities outside of the school year. Educational organisations will be able to apply to host a CyberCamp in their area in 2019 as either a complementary training event to the CyberTaipan competition, or simply as a stand-alone program to educate, engage, and inspire students. Dates and registration periods for the 2019 CyberCamp period will be released early 2019.

Through the CyberCamp program, schools and community organisations can order a curriculum kit consisting of five four-hour instruction modules, accompanying instructor’s guides, student workbooks, demonstration software, and competition software, that will teach students important skills in cyber security and cyber safety.

The 20-hour curriculum is designed to be completed over five days, with the fifth day serving as a day of mini-competition for all campers to practically apply what they have learned. All sessions are Monday through Friday, with Friday being the mini-competition day.

School and Non-Profit Educational Organisations are encouraged to apply!

Who can apply to host a CyberTaipan CyberCamp

  • Public/Private High Schools
  • Army, Navy and Airforce Cadet units
  • Scouting Units
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Universities and Vocational Education and Training (VET) Organisations
  • Other Organisations with Approval by CyberTaipan Program Office

Who is the ideal Instructor/Assistant?

While the Standard CyberCamp curriculum is designed for novice students and includes instruction slides, local camp instructors should ideally have experience working with computers, basic knowledge of cyber security, and some familiarity with virtual machines. An approved adult instructor must be supplied by each individual host location. The recommended instructor and/or volunteer to student ratio is 1:10. Instructors/Assistant must have a valid Working with Vulnerable People’s check

The standard CyberTaipan CyberCamp week is organised as follows:

  • Monday – MODULE 1: Introduction to the CyberTaipan National Youth Cyber Defence Competition, cyber security career opportunities, cyber ethics, online safety, how computers work, and general cyber threats.
  • Tuesday – MODULE 2: Cyber security principles, virtual machines, basic Windows security policies, tools, and account management. Students will follow along and work with the Windows 10 demonstration image.
  • Wednesday – MODULE 3: Windows file protections, auditing and monitoring, and introduction to Linux.
  • Thursday – MODULE 4: Ubuntu terminology and concepts, basic graphical user interface security, basic command line security, and intermediate Ubuntu security. Students will follow along and work with the Ubuntu demonstration image.
  • Friday – MODULE 5: Mini-Competition day. Students will compete against their fellow campers on Windows 10 and Ubuntu competition images. ​​

Required technical resources needed to host a camp

The CyberCamp curriculum and activities are largely computer based. To maximise student engagement, the hosting school or organisation should provide one computer for every 1-3 participating campers. The camp instructor(s) will need a projector and presentation computer with MS PowerPoint.

The campers’ computers, as well as the presentation computer, must have internet access and must be capable of running VMware Player, WinMD5, and 7-Zip, all of which are free software programs. Full technical specifications are available HERE​.

Please note: Chromebooks and ThinkPads will not enable the demonstration and competition images to be utilised correctly. Macintosh computers will have limited technical assistance from the Program Support Office. If you believe you will be using MACs for your camp, please contact us directly so that we may assist with proper pre-testing before your camp. PCs are preferred to run the demonstration and competition images.

Standard CyberCamp kit pricing

To recover the costs of software and curriculum development, the CyberTaipan Program Office provides access to two demonstration images and two competition images as well as digital copies of the Instructor Guide and Student Workbook. This kit cost is per requested/approved camp session. The price for each camp and any camp material will be priced on a cost recovery basis. Pricing will be released shortly.

Interested in Hosting a CyberCamp? 

​The person that applies to host an CyberCamp will be the sole point of contact for the entire camp process. This person, known as the Camp Coordinator, will facilitate all logistics of the camp and will be responsible for distributing any information to other appropriate parties associated with their camp. Recruitment, registration, instruction and on-site management is all the responsibility of the Camp Coordinator. 

CyberCamp registrations will open early 2019.

Questions? Please contact: