Competitions and challenges

Cyber security challenges are a fun way for learners to develop and test their practical skills. Through immersion in real-world scenarios, participants gain practical experience of what it is like to operate as a cyber security practitioner in the workplace.

Challenges are a great way to develop and practice a range of valuable skills including:

  • Technical cyber security and network defence abilities
  • Teamwork and professional communication skills
  • Research and planning methodologies
  • Critical thinking and risk management techniques
  • Creative thinking, curiosity and resourcefulness
  • Adaptability and change management
  • Troubleshooting and remaining calm under pressure

We partner with a range of organisations to support and deliver cyber security challenges and competitions for different ages and abilities, including:

  • Cyber Security Challenge Australia (CySCA) - a 'hacking' challenge for tertiary students.
  • CyberTaipan - a defence challenge for young people between 12 and 18 years of age.
  • CyberCamp - an immersive experience for young people using software that will teach important skills in cyber security.
  • ACA Cyber Challenges - provide teachers and students with classroom-ready activities that will develop cyber security skills and raise cyber security careers awareness through relatable role models. The Challenges teach computational thinking and deliver the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.
  • WACTF - An all ages grass roots capture the flag competition run by Perth's cyber security community.