The role of ACSGN

The role of ACSGN

by acsgn_admin

The Australian Cyber Security Growth Network was established to help the domestic cyber security industry grow and become more capable and competitive, and to establish Australia as a leading force in the rapidly expanding global cyber security market.

Developing a highly capable and globally competitive cyber security industry in Australia will deliver significant economic benefit. It must be led by industry itself, in partnership with the research and training institutions and government agencies that make up the cyber security ecosystem.

Specifically, the role of ACSGN is to act as a multiplier and connector for the Australian cyber security industry. What does that mean? Exhibit 39 outlines the key roles that ACSGN will play and the outcomes that are desired for each role.

To measure its impact in promoting the capabilities and competitiveness of the Australian cyber security industry, ACSGN will also develop a set of metrics that measure the change in desired outcomes over time.

It is important to clearly define the role of ACSGN to avoid duplication with the agenda of several other organisations and agencies that have been recently created or reshaped to support the industry as part of the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Strategy. The strategies and actions outlined for ACSGN in this Plan have been carefully considered to complement various other existing plans and initiatives to strengthen the competitiveness of the Australian cyber security industry. ACSGN will continue to identify opportunities to work within the framework of existing plans and to improve the use of existing sources of government funding.

Exhibit 39: