Appendix B: Methodologies and Assumptions

Appendix B: Methodologies and Assumptions

by acsgn_admin

Industry revenue

To estimate industry revenue and revenue growth by segment and the share of demand currently met by Australia firms, a proprietary model was built based on a range of data sources, including Gartner and IDC. ((Footnote 98: Market size by country obtained from Gartner (2016), Information Security, Worldwide, 2014-2020, 3Q16 Update; software market share data obtained from IDC (via custom data requests).)) The assumptions for market share and export share for Australian firms are shown in Exhibit A1, as well as the source of those assumptions.

Exhibit A1:

The size of the prize

The size of the prize was calculated by averaging the potential uplift in performance of each of the three initial focus segments from two different methodologies. Details of this approach are outlined in Exhibit A2.

Exhibit A2: