AustCyber Innovation Network

We are redirecting the attention of our Node network, which is supported by the Federal Government through the Industry Growth Centre initiative. Instead of focusing on specific regions, our new objective is to establish a more comprehensive nationwide model that supports under-represented groups, remote areas, and major population centres across Australia. Through this updated approach, our goal is to make a significant impact on a national scale by connecting cyber security businesses with important government stakeholders.

The AustCyber Innovation Network is being established in both metropolitan and regional areas, sparking innovation and building cyber security communities throughout the country. It will be a collaborative platform for everyone in the sector, including you.

Guiding this initiative is an industry co-design team led by AustCyber. This diverse group of cyber security experts will collaborate and co-create solutions to drive the AustCyber Innovation Network forward. Through a series of workshops and virtual meetings, the team will examine the current state of the cyber security industry in Australia and develop strategies to amplify the programs that are designed to grow the industry.

Importantly, we're also introducing Cyber Security Ambassadors who'll play a critical role in this national network’s success while showcasing Australia's cyber security expertise on the global stage.

Meet the Co-design team 

Adam Bennett - Red Piranha
Asrar Ismail - QMAus [Quality Management Australia]
Ben Doyle - Thales
Jason Murrell - AustCyber
Gergana Winzer - KPMG Australia
Jacqui Loustau - Australian Women in Security Network
Jo Cave MAICD - Victoria University
Matt Wilcox - FifthDomain
Matthew Salier - Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre
Sarah Box - Willyama Services
Tony Vizza - KordaMentha

Our Commitment

As part of the Stone & Chalk Group, we remain committed to expanding our cyber security national network and driving innovation across industries. The national cyber security community is now directly connected to the wider Stone & Chalk innovation ecosystem, enabling the opportunity to drive connections across our mutual communities and leverage Stone & Chalk hubs across the country.

AustCyber is committed to supporting everyone's cyber security needs, from startups and scaleups to corporations and government, as we extend our physical and virtual presence nationwide.