Andrew Stace

Andrew Stace

Owner and Founder of ENA Digital

Information Security Officer by day & start-up co-founder by night. I love digital technology & the empowerment it can provide people!

But while digital technology & transformation can bring about so much empowerment – it also comes with many risks. Be it in my day job, or working at night – being cyber conscious informs how I navigate & help others navigate the risks of the digital world.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of ensuring that the risks associated with these digital systems are properly mitigated. But mitigating these risks isn’t something I can do alone. Working through the problems requires a huge collaborative effort. One which requires engaging with people who have very different knowledge about digital systems & cybersecurity.

As the effort required is so large, one of my other projects is the Newcastle Cybersecurity Group (NCSG). NCSG is a local meetup group for anyone interested in cybersecurity &/or has any kind of questions related to cybersecurity. The way I see it, talking about cybersecurity issues & being able to talk about the issues to a variety of audiences helps properly plant the seeds that will grow into more secure systems.