The value of AustCyber

AustCyber’s Mission: To support the development of a vibrant and globally competitive Australian cyber security sector. In doing so we will enhance Australia’s future economic growth in a digitally enabled global economy.

Strategic objectives:

Everything we do is aligned to three strategic objectives, which are outlined in Australia’s Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan:

Grow Australia's cyber security ecosystem Export Australia's cyber capabilities to the world Establishing Australia as the leading centre for cyber education


Five strategic themes will help us achieve our objectives:

  • Demonstrate leadership and coherence
  • Drive industry collaboration and coordination
  • Accelerate commercialisation
  • Facilitate talent growth
  • Pursue policy advocacy and reform

At AustCyber, we work to align and scale Australian cyber security research and innovation related activities across the private sector, research communities, academia and within Australian governments.

We are responsible for maintaining a strong supply of innovative Australian cyber security solutions and capability. We work collaboratively in support of other government initiatives related to Australia’s cyber security readiness and resilience.

We work internationally with a range of partners to develop export pathways for Australian solutions and capability. This helps the rapidly growing Australian cyber security sector to tap into global hubs located within cyber security ‘hot spots’ around the world.