Cyber Security Growth Network

Cyber Security Growth Network

by acsgn_admin

The Australian Cyber Security Growth Network was established as part of the Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centres Initiative and announced as part of the government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda, and Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy.

It will achieve this by:

Demonstrating leadership and coherence

Create a national cyber security narrative and ensure cohesion across national cyber security industry development programmes, leading to accelerated industry investment and rapid scaling.

Driving industry collaboration and coordination

Enable connectivity and information flow to promote high levels of collaboration. This will reduce duplication, allowing for better leverage of resources and increased productivity.

Accelerating commercialisation

Accelerate the creation and adoption of Australian-based cyber security products, services and best practices.

Facilitating talent growth

Rapidly build the quantity and professionalism of Australia’s cyber security workforce to become globally competitive and respected.

Pursuing policy advocacy and reform

Proactively recommend and support policy and regulatory reforms aimed specifically at the cyber security sector, to foster an environment in which innovation and entrepreneurship can thrive.