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Industry-led and not-for-profit company responsible for delivering the activities of the Cyber Security Growth Centre initiative.

About Aust Cyber

Strong and robust cyber security is essential for individuals and businesses to take advantage of the significant opportunities provided by digital technologies.

AustCyber is an industry-led organisation that brings together businesses and researchers to provide a foundation for the development of next generation products and services required to live and work securely in our increasingly connected world.


CyberTaipan is an Australian competition that is modelled on the US Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot program. This program has been running successfully for 11 years and has already expanded into Canada as CyberTitan, the UK as CyberCenturion and Saudi Arabia as CyberArabia.


A GovPitch event is an opportunity for six Aussie small to medium cyber security companies to pitch directly to decision makers in Australian governments, both at the Federal and State and Territory levels.

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